wonder week 12

William definitely became more fussy right when the wonder weeks chart (from the app) predicted.

It was obvious that he was in his third leap…also known as wonder week 12, or leap 3.

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This leap was even more subtle kêu ca leap 2, however, with regards lớn the skills he learned and exhibited.

The fussiness was the only real telltale sign that he was in leap 3…

leap 3 wonder week 12

The Third Wonder Week

Leap 3, or wonder week 12, is known as “The World of Smooth Transitions”.

One of the more obvious skills learned during this leap, is a smoothness of your baby’s movements.

Baby’s have very jerky movements up until this leap of smooth transitions.

In addition lớn physical smoothness, your baby will experiment with his voice and make “smooth transitions” with sounds.

leap 3 wonder week 12

Wonder Weeks Chart

Pages 94 and 95 in The Wonder Weeks book outlines a checklist of new skills that your baby might be learning. For more detailed information, kiểm tra out the book! Here is our experience with each of the skills:

Body Control

  • Barely needs tư vấn lớn keep his head upright.
    • This is true unless we put him in a sitting position. Suddenly he can’t seem lớn hold his head up! LOL But when I am holding him he does a great job with his head control.
  • He moves his head from side lớn side in a smooth manner.
  • His eyes follow objects in a smooth fashion.
  • More lively and energetic.
    • He’s definitely more engaged and moving around a ton! His tongue, arms and legs never stop moving!
  • Easily rolls from belly lớn back when he’s up on his arms. He can also roll from back lớn belly when holding onto our fingers.
  • Can easily get lớn a sitting position while holding onto our fingers.
  • He has great standing legs and very occasionally goes from sitting lớn standing while holding our fingers for tư vấn.
  • There are 4 big things with the “body” skills that William did NOT accomplish this leap. Check out the book for the full list of what is possible this leap!

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leap 3 wonder week 12

Hand Control

  • Does not grab for objects yet.
  • Does not shake rattles.
  • Does not study or play with our hands.
  • Does not touch our faces.
  • In addition lớn all of the above that he DIDN’T bởi, there are still 4 big things with the “hand control” skills that William did NOT accomplish this leap. Check out the book for the full list of what is possible this leap!

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leap 3 wonder week 12

Listening and Talking

  • Discovered shrieking and gurgling for sure. He’s playing with his sounds more.
  • He’s doing lots of sounds such as “ah, eh, ma”.
  • He definitely uses these sounds lớn “chat” and has little conversations.
  • There are even more things with the “listening and talking” skills that William did NOT accomplish this leap. Check out the book for the full list of what is possible this leap!

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Looking and Seeing

  • William is not studying his hands, feet, our faces, clothing, etc. He is engaged and looking at us, but isn’t focused on the details yet.
leap 3 wonder week 12

Other Skills

  • He definitely expresses enjoyment when watching my facial expressions, and listening lớn má talk. He waits for responses and then responds back. He smiles when I smile.
  • He uses different behavior with different people. He’s the most talkative with má, and the most fascinated with Caroline.
  • Hasn’t expressed boredom… he’s usually pretty darn content!

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leap 3 wonder week 12

Signs and Fussiness

“Your baby will probably sleep less well now. Many babies wake several times a night demanding lớn be fed. Other babies wake up very early in the morning. Still other babies refuse lớn take naps during the day. For many families, the normal routine has turned into absolute chaos…”

The Wonder Weeks (van de Rijt and Plooij), page 87

If there is one thing that happened during this leap, it was that William’s naps went south.

He is waking every 45 minutes. The dreaded 45 minute intruder has arrived, and it doesn’t appear lớn be going anywhere anytime soon.

He’s only waking once at night now, and doing great. For him, his naps are disrupted.

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2. I created schedule tracking sheets for your baby’s first full year.

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baby sleep solutions book

Baby Sleep Solutions Book

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Schedule Tracking Sheets

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He usually goes down for his nap fairly easily, but then doesn’t stay asleep long.

After he wakes, I am constantly going in and helping him get back lớn sleep. I pat his chest, or bounce the mattress.

He usually goes back lớn sleep, but doesn’t stay asleep long.

I am in and out multiple times until the over of his nap.

Often, I have lớn give him a pacifier lớn help keep him asleep.

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It’s a phase that happened with Caroline as well, so sánh I know it will pass.

In the meantime it is hard. But, I know it is worth putting in the effort now and that keeping him in his crib for the duration of his naps will pay off later.

Wonder Weeks Leap 1 - William's Experience

Wonder Week 5 is actually the first wonder week. Wonder weeks are labeled by the week that they happen during your baby’s life.

The first leap, or first wonder week, happens during week 5 of your baby’s life. So, it is called wonder week 5.

Specifically, leap 1 (wonder week 5) is referred lớn as “Wonder Week 5: The World of Changing Sensations”.

Wonder Weeks Leap 2 - William's Experience

The second wonder week, is called “Wonder Week 8”. It occurs sometime around the 8 week mark for your baby.

Since it is the second wonder week, it is referred lớn as “Leap 2”.

This leap is “The World of Patterns”.

Baby Wonder Weeks - What is the Grey Period?

Following baby wonder weeks? Find out what the wonder weeks grey period is.

Also find a complete wonder weeks chart at the over of this post! Each leap, wonder week, title, and the abilities are outlined!

Leaps & Milestones

Photo Credit: mamnonanhviet.edu.vn

Find links lớn all posts about leaps, wonder weeks and developmental milestones on this page.

As for skills learned… I’m surprised really that he checked off so sánh many boxes above. He doesn’t seem to have had many changes during this leap.

Clearly he hasn’t focused on his hand control at all or the looking and seeing portion of the chart LOL!

He’s a super quiet, chill baby. He’s not doing much.

I worry sometimes that it’s because I don’t get lớn spend as much time focused on him, lượt thích I did with Caroline.

During his wake time, I am often dealing with making a meal, or something Caroline needs. He just doesn’t get as much of má as I’d lượt thích.

Then I worry, too that he’s not progressing due lớn his preemie status, although I’ve never believed he’d be behind because of it.

It’s possible, however.

So, we’ll keep an eye on things and see how he progresses through the next leaps.

He might just be a quiet, chill baby that is nội dung lớn go slowly through these skills.

He might be taking it all in, so sánh when he does bởi the skills mentioned above, he’ll have already mastered them through observation.

Who knows!

All I know is this little guy is smiling more and chatting more, and I just LOVE the time that I bởi get with him. I just wish it was more!

leap 3 wonder week 12

What is leap 3 versus wonder week 12?

Leap 3 is the third developmental leap in your baby’s life. It is called the world of smooth transitions. This leap occurs around week 12 of your baby’s life (which is why it is referred lớn as wonder week 12).

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leap 3 wonder week 12 7 1

What are the main skills learned in leap 3?

There are so sánh many things that your baby can be focused on in this leap, from body toàn thân control, hand control, looking and seeing, lớn listening and talking. Babies can focus on all or just one of these. For a breakdown of each category kiểm tra out the full post.