VI. Find one word or phrase(A, B, C or D) that must be changed in order for the sentence vĩ đại be correct. 36. It was disappoiting  that almost of the guests left the wedding too early.            A                                   B                     C                                D 37. He has a great giảm giá khuyến mãi of books most of which are on science and technology.                      A                                B                  C   D 38. John had made several spelling mistake in his assignment sánh he didn’t get good marks.                                                             A            B                     C           D 39. In the early days of the devolopment, cars used a large number of fuel, and now cars are more economical.      A         B                                             C                                                   D 40. A number of the participants in the survey was 250 students for Oxford University.       A                            B                                                    C                       D 41. He had smoked sánh a lot of cigarettes that he died of cancer.                                         A          B           C           D 42. There is only a few food for dinner. I think you should buy some more vĩ đại eat.                 A             B                                                  C                    D 43. Although Mary has been inViet nam giới for 10 months, she knows a little Vietnamese.            A                        B                                        C                           D 44. There is too many bad news on TV tonight.              A            B                C     D 45. My friends can’t buy these  jackets because they cost too many.                                            A                     B          C                   D 46. If either of you take a vacation now, we will not be able vĩ đại finish the work.                                 A            B                                                    C               D 47. Because they had spent too many time considering the new contract, the students lost the                                                  A                    B  opportunities vĩ đại lease the apartment.           C              D 48. Some the plants in this store require very little care, but this one needs much more           A                                            B              C                        D sunlight kêu ca the others. 49. The company has sánh a little money that it can hardly operate any more.                               A         B                  C                        D 50. Athough the weather was not perfect a bunch of people turned out for the annual parade.           A                                                           B                       C