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The Twins are a skin in Piggy: Book 2. They came out with the release of Distraction. They are also the main bot and antagonists of the aforementioned map.

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Similarly to lớn their counterparts (Zee and Zuzy), each of the twins is a small white zebra with đen sì stripes and a dress. Zee has a pink dress, a beanie, and fully đen sì eyes. Zuzy has a magenta dress, a scarf, and fully white glowing eyes. They both wield fencing foils and have dirty dresses.



Zee and Zuzy stand still whilst bobbing up and down. Zuzy bobs barely faster with arms slightly angled out while Zee is perfectly upright and stiffer.


Both walk forward, with Zuzy leaning forwards and having heavier footsteps while Zee stays upright and shuffles stealthily.


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Zuzy slashes the player twice, then Zee stabs the player once to lớn finish them off and they fall down.


They both look down. Zee twitches frantically and Zuzy stays still. They still bob up and down.


  • This is the only skin in Piggy to lớn have two characters mashed into one skin.
  • They are the third most expensive skin in Piggy, with the second being Kraxicorde, and with the most expensive out of all of them being Silzous.
    • This makes Twins the most expensive skin made by MiniToon, as both Silzous and Kraxicorde were made by TenuousFlea.
  • They are presumably hallucinations created by TIO in Distraction.
  • Players thought this skin would have a slight hitbox change due to lớn there being 2 characters in the skin.
    • This is not the case as the hitbox of the skin is between the twins.
  • Their dances don't work. Instead of khiêu vũ, they stay still and float up and down depending on the dance. This also happens to lớn their climbing animation.
    • It's most likely due to lớn having two characters as one skin, and the main toàn thân is fully invisible.


Sound Origins

  • Their soundtrack is Twisted Twins by BSlick. It is uploaded to lớn Roblox as GiraffyTheme2.
  • Their jumpscare sound is an audio from the Roblox Audio Library called Zebra sound but higher pitched.
  • Their hit sound is an audio called Stab Twice 2 (SFX).
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