The Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Serum is known as the “Damn Serum” due lớn its supposed painful effects, but is it really as intense as the nickname suggests? We tested it lớn find out.

I once subscribed lớn the notion that if a beauty product tingled or stung, it meant it was working. I can still recall – with some perverse fondness – the sensation of the harsh products I used as young teen in the early aughts lượt thích the plumping Lip Venom gloss and acne-fighting Noxzema Pads.

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One reason I now stock my routine with K-beauty products is because the formulas are effective yet generally gentle – no pain required.

That’s why I was surprised lớn learn about a popular product from Korean brand Nacific that is notoriously called the “Damn Serum.”

The serum earned its nickname from the stimulating sensation it causes after application due lớn the inclusion of citrus oils that tighten pores and repair skin damage. I heard that the level of tingling you feel correlates lớn how damaged your skin barrier is; the healthier, the less you’ll feel it and vice versa.

Despite the potential for pain, the serum flew off shelves after beloved Korean actress Jun Ji Hyun called it one of her holy grails.

Once it landed on Soko Glam I was curious lớn find out just how expletive-inducing the serum is – I guess old habits die hard.Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Serum

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After bringing it home page, I cleansed, toned, applied an essence, and then the serum and braced myself for impact. I felt a very subtle tingling on my cheeks and forehead and because my skin is reactive, I did experience some initial redness. Had I not been paying close attention lớn the results, though, I may not have even noticed. After a few uses, I no longer experienced these effects at all, which is supposed lớn signify that your skin is getting healthier. My skin has looked especially glowy since I began using it.

Now I can’t speak for everyone, but after reading reviews from various bloggers and YouTubers, it doesn’t seem lượt thích anyone’s reaction has been drastically more or less intense than thở mine. My conclusion is that the “Damn Serum” moniker is more of a pet name than thở a literal one.

But, lượt thích I learned as a teen, just because it doesn’t really hurt, doesn’t mean it’s not worth using. The brand said that the product is “beneficial for everyone” regardless of the state of your skin.

If you’re concerned about any level of tingling, the brand has stressed that they have performed stability and irritation tests on the formula and that it’s safe for all skin types. Plus, it also contains calming ingredients lượt thích aloe leaf and turmeric root extract and is không tính phí potential irritants lượt thích alcohol and parabens.

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