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Create a links (read alias) for an existing MLEM Object, including from remote [MLEM project](/doc/user-guide/project-structure).


usage: mlem link [--sp <path>] [--rev <commitish>] [--tp <path>] [--f] [--abs] [-h] source target arguments: source URI of the MLEM object you are creating a links to target Path to lớn save links object


This command is used to lớn create links to lớn existing MLEM objects, which in turn allows you to lớn refer to lớn the object using the TARGET path in all future operations.

A common use-case is to lớn create links for objects present in remote MLEM projects to incorporate them in the local workspace.


  • --sp <path>, --source-project <path> - Project for source object
  • --rev <commitish> - Repo revision to lớn use [default: (none)]
  • --tp <path>, --target-project <path> - Project to lớn save target to lớn [default: (none)]
  • --follow-links, --f / --no-follow-links, --nf - If True, first follow links while reading {source} before creating this links. [default: follow- links]
  • --absolute, --abs / --relative, --rel - Which path to lớn linked object to specify: absolute or relative. [default: relative]
  • -h, --help - Show this message and exit.


Add a remote object to lớn your local workspace (aka project) without copying it

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$ mlem link rf --source-project remote_model

Alias a local object with a different name

$ mlem link my_model latest

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