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One of the leading e-commerce names in Southeast Asia today is Shopee (Shopee Pte Ltd). The company was founded in năm ngoái in Singapore primarily as a C2C (customer-to-customer) marketplace.

As it expanded its reach vĩ đại other countries in Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines), South America (Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Colombia), and Europe (Poland and Spain), Shopee updated vĩ đại a hybrid business model vĩ đại include B2C (business-to-customer).

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It now has seller centers in Mainland Đài Loan Trung Quốc, Hong Kong, nhật bản, and South Korea and is also expected vĩ đại launch in India and Argentina.

Shopee boasts a “social-first, mobile-centric” platform where buyers can browse and cửa hàng for items, as well as communicate with sellers directly.

Livestreams and Selling

Livestreaming encompasses several activities broadcasted over the mạng internet and can be private (for select watchers) or public (for everyone).

Between 2019 and 2020, livestreaming watch hours saw a 99% growth, from 1.9 billion vĩ đại 3.4 billion hours. The biggest livestreaming platform, Twitch, has sánh far recorded 9.3 billion watch hours for live videos.

Businesses saw how livestreaming can help highlight, tổng quát, and sell their products through the different platforms and social truyền thông media sites that started offering the service.

Shopee Live: Live Selling in Shopee

In 2019, Shopee got into the live selling game with Shoppe Live. Initially offered in Singapore, the Shopee live selling feature is now available vĩ đại sellers and customers in other Asian territories. It was introduced vĩ đại cater vĩ đại “the growing demand for đoạn Clip content” and bring brands and retailers closer vĩ đại their consumers.

The company intends vĩ đại “foster long-term engagement” with users, and Shopee Live is one way vĩ đại bởi that. This initiative has resulted in users spending more time on the tiện ích, making their online shopping more interactive in the process.

Much lượt thích a regular livestream, users can directly ask and engage with sellers in real-time through live selling in Shopee and even complete their purchases without leaving the stream. Even if it’s only available for mobile for viewers, participating sellers have already seen an increase in sales up vĩ đại 75% with it.

Shopee sellers that tried live selling saw an increase in sales up vĩ đại 75%

It’s worth noting that the introduction of Shopee Live overlapped with the global pandemic that compelled people vĩ đại stay at trang chủ. Sellers were able vĩ đại capitalize on the consumers’ need vĩ đại buy necessities and other items without going out.

Shopee Live Features

If you’re a seller looking vĩ đại start Shopee live selling, you can utilize the following functions:

  • Feature a product: Add featured or discounted products during the livestream in the Shopping Bag. Show these featured products by tapping the icon and clicking the Show button.
  • Auction: Also referred vĩ đại as Mine, it creates a sense of urgency vĩ đại the viewers as they try vĩ đại get a coveted product first.
  • Vouchers: Seller can offer vouchers for discounts, không tính phí shipping, or other perks that customers can claim when they watch the stream and use on said seller’s store.
  • Coins: Another way vĩ đại increase viewership is vĩ đại reward coins. Sellers should first purchase Shopee Coins vĩ đại bởi this, then give them out during the stream. Coins can be used vĩ đại pay for purchases on the tiện ích.
  • Live polls: Interactive polls mid-stream foster engagement by getting the viewers’ opinion about the livestream or the merchant’s products.
  • Camera: Control which filters vĩ đại use during the stream or switch between front and back cameras.
  • Stream replays: Sellers can add past livestreams as a separate tab on their cửa hàng page sánh viewers can rewatch them. Recorded streams can be kept for 60 days for now.

How vĩ đại Live Sell in Shopee: Eligibility and Materials

In most countries, Shopee sellers with good standing and have at least one active listing on their shops already have access vĩ đại Shopee Live. But if you’re one of those who bởi not, you can register for it. Once you’ve filled out and submitted the Shopee Live registration sườn, it may take five working days before the application can be approved.

Apart from eligibility, having these things beforehand will streamline your live selling on Shopee.

Products vĩ đại be featured

Choose the items you’re going vĩ đại highlight and add them vĩ đại the livestream feed. Outline their key features and other facts, such as prices and discounts if you are offering any, sánh you don’t forget vĩ đại mention them. Of course, don’t forget vĩ đại bởi inventory. Make sure there are enough stocks, sánh every customer gets what they purchase.

A script or general flow

A general idea of how the program will go will keep the stream on track. The script should explain the products in detail while incorporating promos, discounts, and other offers. As per Shopee, the basic livestream flow is as follows: 

  • Opening monologue: The first 30 seconds introduce the seller and what the livestream is about. Entice the viewers vĩ đại stay through a giveaway or incentive. 
  • Main content: A minimum of 5 minutes is enough for the stream’s main nội dung, though it depends on the products vĩ đại be featured. Keep it interactive by periodically checking comments and responding vĩ đại queries. You can also ask questions or create polls vĩ đại keep the viewers interested.
  • Incentives or call-to-action: This is the time for your viewers vĩ đại claim their incentives lượt thích vouchers and discounts. If you had a contest as part of the program, announce the winner, as well. Remind watchers vĩ đại avail the products featured in the livestream.
  • Announcement of next live: Before signing off, let your followers know when they can expect your next live selling on Shopee.

Reliable equipment and right background

The essential equipment needed for a livestream includes the following:

  • Camera: A điện thoại thông minh with high-quality cameras will suffice
  • Tripod: To make the camera stable
  • Stable internet: 4G or ethernet connection (minimum of 5 Mbps of bandwidth) is recommended; have a backup in case the primary connection fails
  • Microphone: Connected vĩ đại the điện thoại thông minh if you’re using one
  • Light: A ring light should suffice

If you’re using a standalone camera connected vĩ đại the mạng internet, make sure vĩ đại have a speaker along with the microphone.

Before going live, it’s only reasonable vĩ đại test all equipment vĩ đại know if they are working properly. Also, even if all the equipment is fully charged before going live, prepare extra batteries and chargers still.

Do a dry lập cập vĩ đại kiểm tra if the audio and đoạn Clip are clear from the viewers’ perspective. If you’re using a mobile device’s front camera, note that the đoạn Clip capture will be mirrored. In addition, mix notifications vĩ đại “Do Not Disturb” vĩ đại avoid disruptions during the stream.

It’s also worth checking your background. Even if you bởi not have the means vĩ đại bởi a full production, ensure that your environment is appropriate and you have everything you need within reach.

How vĩ đại Start Live Selling in Shopee

Once you’ve passed the seller eligibility and prepared the necessary equipment for the livestream, you can follow these steps vĩ đại begin your Shopee Live.

  1. Open the Shopee tiện ích, go vĩ đại Me tab, tap Live Streaming, then Create Stream.

Start live stream on shopee

  1. Type in your Title (required) and Description (optional) and choose or upload a cover photo. Size should ideally be 500x500p; the image will be shown in full on the Coming Soon page but will be cut vĩ đại 300x500p in the Stream Replay section.

streaming title

  1. Tap Add Related Products vĩ đại the Shopping Bag (products that will be available for purchase during the livestream; maximum of 200). You can select from My Likes or My Shop.
  2. If needed, rearrange the products and edit the details, such as price discounts. You cannot bởi these anymore once you’re live.

addin gproducts on shopee live shopping

  1. Once done, click Next vĩ đại see a preview of your stream, then Go Live. There will be a 3-second countdown before the actual livestream starts.

live shopping preview

  1. Shopee users who follow your cửa hàng will be notified of your livestream.

Shopee Live Stream on PC or Desktop

While a mobile device is a convenient way vĩ đại access the Shopee tiện ích and start a livestream, sellers can also go live using their desktop or máy vi tính. Here are the steps.

  1. Open your livestream software lượt thích OBS, X-Split, or Wirecast and adjust the necessary settings.

live shopee OBS

  1. Log in vĩ đại your country’s Shopee Live page.

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Shopee login page

  1. Fill in the details lượt thích the cover photo, title, mô tả tìm kiếm, and related products.

Shopee live streaming creation

  1. Click Products under the Function Box vĩ đại add items vĩ đại the stream and edit them if needed. There’s also a Vouchers section vĩ đại manage available vouchers.

shopee live voucher setup

shopee live product upload

  1. Copy the RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) URL and Stream Key into the software. RTMP facilitates the streaming of audio, đoạn Clip, and data between the livestream software and Shopee.

hopee live rmtp

  1. Click Go Live once you’re mix.

Here are other things sellers can bởi while livestreaming via desktop.

  • Check remaining budget and claims of your Coins Rewards with corresponding times
  • Notify followers of the stream

Best Practices: How vĩ đại Do Live Selling on Shopee

Guidelines vĩ đại Make the Stream Engaging

You need vĩ đại interact with your audience during the livestream as it is the fastest way vĩ đại convince them vĩ đại buy from you. Here are the guidelines vĩ đại bởi just that, as well as some tips:

  • Share the stream on your social truyền thông media pages
  • Use a title that will draw viewers in. Give them a glimpse of what they can expect and if it’s something that can answer their concerns.
  • You can mention freebies or giveaways vĩ đại attract them or make them stay tuned until the over of the stream.
  • Fit the subjects in the middle of the frame. Aside from you or the host, other subjects lượt thích the products you’re highlighting should be seen.
  • A good mạng internet connection with backup ensures that the stream won’t be disrupted or over abruptly.
  • Only use decent words and actions. You don’t want vĩ đại offend your viewers.
  • Utilize the Poll function when asking for their views or opinion regarding your cửa hàng and items.
  • Avoid static screen views or long pauses in between your visual or verbal interaction with the viewers.
  • Use the designated ShopeePartnered remittance center.
  • Converse with viewers by asking questions and reading their comments.

Get More Viewers and Conversions

While streaming is indeed an excellent way vĩ đại connect with an audience, merchants would lượt thích vĩ đại close sales through it at the over of the day. Here are some ways Shopee Live allows conversions and sales.

Make your products easy vĩ đại buy

Focus on one main topic or category of products during the stream. Ensure that your items are within Shopee guidelines (this could vary from country vĩ đại country); it would also help vĩ đại know if there are specific products that are not allowed vĩ đại be sold in your country.

Introduce the items one at a time, and give viewers enough information vĩ đại learn more about them. As much as possible, interact with it sánh that people will know how vĩ đại use it.

Make sure that the products are in the Shopping Bag sánh that viewers can purchase without leaving the stream. Add more if you see a demand for a particular item or some viewers not part of your planned target audience are present.

Keep in mind that the sequence of products cannot be edited once you’re live. The last ones added will appear at the bottom of the list.

Offer discounts

Increase buyer conversions by offering livestream-exclusive prices. You can add Livestream Sale items in the Shopping Bag, and they will appear at the top of the list. The sale ends once your reserved stock, or the stock allocated for the stream, runs out or when you terminate the stream.

Utilize vouchers

If you’re offering permanent voucher codes, make sure that they are displayed throughout the stream. Add them in the Shopping Bag before going live.

Other vouchers you can offer are the 30-second Giveaway and Follower Prize. The former will be displayed for 30 seconds during Live and disappear once fully claimed or if closed manually. The latter is a promotion for eligible shoppers that will pop up for 10 seconds after they join the stream.

Remember that 30-second Giveaway vouchers cannot be used for the permanent display and vice versa.

Host an auction

In an auction, you pick either a random watcher or the one with the fastest finger vĩ đại win livestream-exclusive đơn hàng. Once you start an auction, an In Progress thẻ will be displayed. It will change vĩ đại End Round once the mix time expires.

Here are more tips on how you can attract viewers and make them participate in your auction:

  • Limit the number of winners vĩ đại make your đơn hàng feel more exclusive and your viewers participate.
  • Set auction rule vĩ đại Random. Picking just one winner can boost the audience’s excitement. Meanwhile, the Fastest Finger rule can help you vĩ đại gain buyers and increase sales.
  • Set Followers Only vĩ đại convince non-followers in your audience vĩ đại follow your cửa hàng.

You cannot make any changes vĩ đại the rules once the auction is ongoing. You can cancel it by clicking X on the top right of the auction thẻ.

Shopee Live Selling Possible Causes of Disruption

There are two general reasons why your Shopee Live may abruptly over.

1. Technical issues

Poor mạng internet connection will make the stream laggy or lead vĩ đại bad quality. Other problems you may encounter include unclear or no sounds, a Đen screen with no sounds, or a Đen screen with sounds.

The host may either try vĩ đại reconnect vĩ đại the current livestream or over it and mix up a new one.

2. Inappropriate content

Shopee live selling rules imply that offensive activities or languages such as the following merit dismissal of the stream, warnings, penalties, or even a ban:

  • Harassing, threatening, or maliciously embarrassing others
  • Discussing transactions vĩ đại be made outside of Shopee, including competitor platforms
  • Misuse of stream
  • Spamming unsolicited messages or information
  • Spreading personal information
  • Sharing misleading or inaccurate information, promotional nội dung, or product facts and features
  • Promoting explicit nội dung lượt thích pornography, foul language, drugs, gambling, violence, racism, hate, arms trade, animal abuse, and others
  • Selling prohibited products as per Shopee’s general listing guidelines, including counterfeits or products that infringe copyright or trademark

Upon discovery of the violation, the Shopee admin may immediately terminate the live stream without warning. The audience will only see that the livestream has ended.

If the Shopee admin chooses vĩ đại issue a warning, it will pop up on the seller vĩ đại warn that their nội dung is violating Shopee Live policies. If the host does not heed it, the admin will terminate the livestream. The pop-up will dismiss automatically if the issue is addressed.

A More Effective Way of Live Selling

Through Shopee Live, sellers increase awareness of their cửa hàng and products, gain new followers or customers and directly communicate with them, and boost sales through a streamlined way vĩ đại cửa hàng.

The obvious downside is you need a Shopee seller trương mục vĩ đại utilize the service—the same goes for viewers who need vĩ đại tải về the tiện ích.

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Even then, merchants don’t own and have no control over the data they collect and, therefore, have no other way of reaching out vĩ đại customers; they are even discouraged from doing sánh outside the platform as per Shopee live selling rules.

For brands that want vĩ đại scale, it’s not ideal vĩ đại be confined vĩ đại just one tiện ích or be limited in promoting the business and products. A live stream shopping tiện ích lượt thích Flux Panda will allow sellers vĩ đại go live in more than thở one streaming or social truyền thông media platform, and consumers don’t even need vĩ đại tải về any more apps vĩ đại watch them.

Flux Panda offers multiple features vĩ đại help manage not only your store but also your viewers’ information vĩ đại help with promotions and in capturing leads. You’ll regularly receive automated, clearly written reports about your channel’s performance sánh you can make the right decisions and scale easier.