lait creme concentre

Recommended by pharmacists and used by professional make-up artists, everyone swears by this multi-functional product lớn take care of fragile skin and keep it beautiful.

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Its winning formula includes a blend of essential ingredients from natural origin. Rich in fatty acids and vitamins, it delivers nutrients lớn the skin, retains moisture and protects it from external aggressions.

Its multi-purpose functionality:
Moisturizing cream,
Make-up base,
Cleansing milk,
After-sun care

Well-moisturized, nourished skin regains comfort and
balance, making it the ideal make-up base.

Supple and firm skin
Plumped up, smooth, soft and toned skin
Skin perfectly prepared for make-up

Shea butter: nourishing and softening
Beeswax: protective
Aloe vera: moisturizing and soothing
Soy proteins: moisturizing