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A PUBG Mobile Hack is any phầm mềm, mod or technique that allows you to lớn get an unfair advantage over other players in the game, more UC/BP and kills, survive longer on Android and iOS mobile alike. – While many different cheating exist, hacks for unlimited không tính phí Unknown Cash (UC) and không tính phí Battle Poins (BP), không tính phí in-game purchases and skins do not exist and are always FAKE! – Please, take a minute to lớn watch the Clip.


How to lớn hack PUBG Mobile

pubg mobile wallhack

On both Android and iOS, there are ways to lớn hack PUBG Mobile and the best method by far is to lớn use mods, such as APK mods and iOS mods to lớn enable powerful cheating features, such as auto aim, tự động hóa headshot tools for easy kills and survival, ESP cheats allowing users to lớn see through walls, making it easy to lớn find/avoid players and find the best loot, enabling the use of emulators and PC (mouse + keyboard) controls and much more. In general, it will be easier to lớn cheat on Android kêu ca it will be on iOS mobile, but it is possible on both mobile gaming platforms.

PUBG Mobile Wallhack

The use of a wallhack allows a player to lớn see enemies, items, supply drops, cars and other important game items through walls by highlighting them using colored boxes or overlays, allowing them to lớn loot more easily, find or avoid players and generally survive a lot longer, therefore earning more XP, rewards, BP, UC and loot crates for more skins and other goodies. A regular wallhack for PUBG Mobile will almost always come in the size of a modded APK or iOS phầm mềm mod, which means that the code of the game client has been modified to lớn show you enemies and items by mặc định.

pubg mobile aimbot


PUBGM Aimbots

Auto aiming mods and apps, also known as ‘aimbots’, are automated bots that will tự động hóa aim and shoot for you, allowing you to lớn get lots of kills and stay alive while doing it. While this may sound simple, it is one of the most sophisticated and powerful hacks available for PUBG Mobile and also exceedingly rare to lớn see. Most aimbot apps for Android and iOS games will come in the size of increased aim assist. In this kind of tự động hóa aiming cheat the games mặc định aim assist has been modded to lớn bởi a lot more of the aiming work for you and other mods will actually create their own aiming scripts, but those are still extremely rare on mobile devices at this point.

pubg mobile mod menu

APKs Mods & iOS Mods

The cheating methods mentioned above and others that may or may not be possible to lớn use in PUBG Mobile, such as speedhacks, teleporting, noclip, superjump, item spawning ect usually come in the size of a mod. A mod refers to lớn a modified or modded game client in the size of an APK (Android) or IPA tệp tin (iOS). These files are usually downloaded and simply installed on your device. Advanced mods will require you to lớn have a tệp tin explorer installed on your device to lớn import some files. Mods will only work for the specific game build they were made for. If PUBG Mobile gets an update or patch, then a new mod for the new version with the same hacks implemented has to lớn be downloaded and installed on your device in order for cheats to lớn keep working for you.

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When downloading PUBG Mobile Mods make sure you are downloading from trustworthy cheat providers. Use our HackFinder to lớn find không tính phí mods, hacks and downloads for PUBG Mobile. Do not fall for human verification scans, surveys and fakes.

pubg mobile esp vac cheats

Mod Menus

Mod menus are the most sought-after and precious cheat for PUBG Mobile, since they are special mods that come with a thực đơn that allows you to lớn switch every single cheating option and every single script included in the PUBG Mobile hack on and off. Such a mod thực đơn may activate all kinds of cheating options ranging from claiming không tính phí crates for không tính phí skins, UC and other goodies to lớn actual trainer options, such as aimbot, wall hack, ESP, noclip, nospread and other powerful cheating options.

Mod menus are the way most players prefer to lớn use cheating tools in PUBG Mobile, because they are easy to lớn tải về, simple to lớn use and may come with anything from scripts, simple mods to lớn the best hacks available for PUBG mobile online.

pubg mobile mod

Free Unknown Cash (UC) and Battle Points (BP) Generators

Any hack or tool that claims to lớn allow you to lớn get unlimited không tính phí UC or BP in PUBG Mobile is not real, is nhái and a scam. Please, bởi not fall for these nhái cheats floating out there on the mạng internet and bởi no tải về any of them of complete any ‘human verification’. – PUBG Mobile is an online shooter and all your skins, unlocks, your health, tài khoản data including money, bp, uc, XP and sánh on are all stored on the game servers and cannot be affected by any tools whatsoever. Please stay safe and realistic when looking for working cheats. Money mods and mod APKs with money cheats simply cannot exist for Android or iOS at all. While game servers can technically be hacked to lớn circumvent the server-side processing of UC / BP, this would not only be extremely highly illegal, but also exceedingly, unrealistically difficult to lớn bởi and can certainly no be done through some generator trang web.

pubg mobile cheat tools

Hacks for Android

On app android mobile devices, such as tablets, phones and similar, the way to lớn gain an advantage in PUBG Mobile is primarily through APK mods, which are modified versions of the original APK that come with trainer options already coded into the game itself. Installing modded APKs can require a rooted Android device, but may also require no root, may require you to lớn import modded OBB files using a tệp tin explorer or may not. The main difficulty when it comes to lớn Android modding is finding legitimate sources for you downloads, which is why we recommend using HackerBot FreeFinder to lớn skip all the fakes and find files from proven and legitimate sources.

pubgm kill hack

Cheats for iOS

Of all the mobile platforms one could play PUBG Mobile on, iOS is the one that is making it the hardest to lớn cheat. While it is most definitively possible to lớn use a jailbroken iOS device along with a modded appstore to lớn install a modded version of the PUBG Mobile phầm mềm on iOS, it is both harder to lớn bởi and harder to lớn find working files on iOS kêu ca it is on Android. For this reason we generally recommend either switching to lớn Android or using an Android emulator instead. However, there are trustworthy modding sites for iOS game mods that bởi offer mods for PUBG Mobile as well and will allow you to lớn cheat on iOS if you are willing to lớn go through the long and involved process of getting there.

pubgm game hacker cheater

Exploits, Bugs and Glitches

Exploits are some o the rarest and potentially most powerful cheats out there for PUBG Mobile. Exploiting is the use of bugs, bugged game mechanics and glitches in order to lớn gain an advantage in the game. Exploits therefore are extremely temporary in nature, as the underlying bugs they are based on are generally only in the game for a limited time as well. The great upside of bugs and glitches is that they offer essentially unlimited potential: bugged maps may get you a god mode by glitching under them map, bugged weapons may give unlimited ammo, even unlimited BP and UC may be possible if rewards are bugged at some point. Item duplication is another commonly found exploit that crops up in most games at some point in their life cycle. However, the developers will inevitably hotfix and exploits they find, sánh you need to lớn be quick to lớn realize and use them as soon as they become available.

pubgm multihack menu

Game Hacking Tools / Apps

While game modding is certainly not without its challenges and installing modded APK files or iOS mods can still be quite a challenge for newbie cheaters, trying to lớn use game hacking tools will put into perspective how easy game modding for PUBG Mobile actually is. – Using game hacking tools is generally quite an involved process that required quite a lot of knowledge, experience or following in-depth tutorials and guides. However, if mastered this game cheating technique is extremely consistent, as the methods and procedures used here generally bởi not get outdated quickly, meaning you bởi not need to lớn update your software or your process with ever hắn update, hotfix or new version of PUBGM that is released. Also there are actual ways to lớn make game hacking tools, such as memory editors work with no root and no jailbrake under certain circumstances and if one was sánh inclined. The most popular tools used are trò chơi Guardian for Android and GameGem for iOS respectively. If you want to lớn learn the basics and get started on your journey of learning how to lớn hack games yourself, kiểm tra out this tutorial.

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esp vac chams


While there nhái cheats are everywhere, legitimate, working and updated mods bởi exist, most of them are APK mods, but iOS mods exist as well. Aimbots and wallhacks are the most effective cheats when it comes to lớn surviving, finding good loot from care packages, avoiding and finding players ect. Unlimited không tính phí UC / BP can only be obtained through microtransactions, no tool can provide these features and the same goes for không tính phí skins, season pass ect. Auto aiming software should be used carefully and respectfully at all times, as to lớn not risk getting your PUBG mobile tài khoản banned forever. Overall, cheaters and game hackers won’t have an extremely easy time with PUBGM, but they will be able to lớn bởi their thing as they always bởi. And if they are going to lớn bởi what they always bởi, they might as well bởi it safely and use HackerBot to lớn find safe cheats from legitimate and trusted sources.

If you are looking to lớn cheat in other Battle Royale games also kiểm tra out our cheats for PUBG Lite, PUBG on PC, Free Fire Mobile and our Fortnite Mobile cheats for even more great fun.