get on well with là gì

Yes, the "well" makes a difference. In addition, "get on" in the sense of "to have a friendly or harmonious relationship" is marked as chiefly Brit in the WR dictionary.

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There is in a book an exercise with word transformations.

You know, the aim is to lớn complete the sectence using the word in bold.

Here's one of sentences:

He has got a good relationship with his brother. -> GETS He ........................................... his brother.

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I'm not sure if an answer from an answer key is good. I guess I can vì thế it in this way, 'He

gets on/along with

his brother' while the answer from the answer key is, 'He

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gets on well with

his brother.

Hasn't a phrasal verb 'get on' (and 'get along' as well) positive meaning itself? If yes, isn't it needless to lớn add 'well'?

Thanks a million in advance! :)