comeback la gì

A comeback, in terms of publicity, is a return by a well-known person to tướng the activity in which they initially obtained their fame. Comebacks can occur in all walks of life, and have been noted to tướng occur in entertainment, sports, and politics.

A comeback may occur after a public figure has been forced to tướng withdraw from the public eye due to tướng a real or perceived scandal.

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Entertainment Edit

An entertainer may make a comeback after having been absent from their area of entertainment for a time.

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In South Korea, Comeback (K-pop), talent agencies stage-manage the debut of new acts in order to tướng create anticipation for the new act, which will often officially debut live on one of the main television music programs with a "debut stage". For the debut single, acts will have an overall "concept", a marketing hook, which influences the name of the act, clothes, choreography, catch phrases and how they are presented; within bands individual members will have a personal concept, this being a role that they will play within the band, e.g. leader, visual, maknae, rapper etc. Once a rookie act's debut cycle has ended they enter their second promotional cycle with a "comeback", called as such even when the musician or group in question did not go on hiatus.[1] Each promotional cycle will be presented with its own concept.

Sports Edit

In sports, a comeback occurs where an athlete or a team returns to tướng success after a period of poor performance or inactivity. "The comeback may be the most compelling phenomenon in sports. ... Comebacks in individual sports lượt thích tennis, boxing, or golf occur more commonly kêu ca in team sports, as athletes in these games have more control over their destiny".[2]

Politics Edit

A politician may make a comeback after having left public life, either voluntarily or through loss of an election.[3]

References Edit

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