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How Do I Liên hệ VietJet Air?

VietJet Air is a low-cost international airline in Vietnam. The airline operates on 22 domestic and international routes. The customer service team at Vietjet is known to tát provide excellent customer service and strong customer satisfaction. If you are going to tát fly with the airline or have flown with the airline already, you must have the tương tác details handy so sánh that you have a memorable flying experience. You can share your feedback, request a refund or make a complaint by speaking to tát a customer service representative to tát get assistance to tát finish the task. There are many ways to tát connect with a customer service agent at VietJet Air, be it by calling the customer service number, sending an tin nhắn, via live chat, or through social truyền thông media.

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VietJet Air Customer Service

You can tương tác VietJet Air customer service by calling the number 011 84 1900 1886 and speaking with an agent. Once you dial the number, you have to tát follow the IVR instructions to tát get in touch with an agent to tát get a solution to tát your query. The number is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week for the passengers so sánh that it is convenient and the customers can get the solution to tát any travel query easily.

Another way to tát interact with the airline is by using social truyền thông media platforms lượt thích Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can send a message, and you will get a quick response from a representative. You can follow the airline on the websites given below.

  • Facebook - facebook.com/vietjetair
  • Twitter - twitter.com/vietjetair
  • Instagram - instagram.com/vietjetair

Alternatively, you can tương tác VietJet Air customer service by using the live chat option. It is one of the most convenient ways to tát interact with a representative to tát get assistance from an agent, whether you are at home page or at the airport. You may have to tát provide the booking details to tát the agent.

How Do I Call Vietjet from the USA?

You can Điện thoại tư vấn VietJet from the USA by using the number +84 28 3526 68 68. You will get a list of instructions that need to tát be followed where you will be required to tát select the most relevant option to tát get to tát an agent to tát get a solution to tát your query. The agent may require the details lượt thích name, number, and tin nhắn address to tát help you in the best way possible.

How Do I Manage My Booking on Vietjet?

You can manage your booking on Vietjet by visiting the official trang web vietjetair.com and selecting the tab “My Booking.” You have to tát fill in the booking code, family name, and first name to tát retrieve the list of booking on the screen. Then, select the booking you need to tát manage to tát get various options lượt thích change or cancel the flight, book additional baggage, seat, a meal, or request special assistance. You can make a payment by selecting your preferred mode of payment at the kết thúc.

What is my Vietjet Booking Number?

The VietJet booking number can be found on your tickets, booking confirmation tin nhắn, or on your travel documentation. It is also known as a record/booking locator, PNR code, confirmation number, or reference number.

How Do I Liên hệ Vietjet to tát Change My Flight?

You can tương tác VietJet to tát change your flight by sending an tin nhắn to tát [email protected]. The original flight booking details, lượt thích the passenger name, booking number, and tương tác information, must be provided so sánh that an agent can assist you and change the flight for you.

This information will be useful when you want to tát tương tác VietJet Air customer service. If you need any other help, visit the official trang web vietjetair.com or Điện thoại tư vấn the customer service number.

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What is Vietjet Reservation Number?

Travelers who want to tát fly to tát Vietnam can book flight tickets with Vietjet Airlines and get the supreme services. You have the facility to tát obtain travel services online at their trang web and book flight tickets. When you make the reservation, you will get a Vietjet reservation number that you can use to tát make the changes to tát the itinerary. You can also purchase some additional services before the scheduled departure to tát fly comfortably to tát your destination. For this, you need to tát choose the My Bookings handle from their trang web and get into your itinerary through the reservation number to tát get the latest status. 

How To Book Vietjet Air?

Passengers can reserve the flight ticket online or with the customer service team. Therefore, you need to tát follow the given steps to tát make the booking. 

  • Initially, you must access the official trang web of Vietjet Airlines at www.vietjetair.com
  • After that, choose the book option from the top left of the screen. 
  • You need to tát enter the trip type and select the travel class, number of passengers, and travel dates.
  • You need to tát choose the departure and arrival destination and add any promotional code. 
  • Once you select the let's go button, you will access the available flights for your destination.
  • From that, you can choose the preferred flight and proceed further.
  • You need to tát add the passenger's details and attach the travel documents.
  • When you tap on the continue button, you need to tát make the payment for the booking. 
  • Your flight will be reserved immediately, and they will send you the confirmation message at your registered tin nhắn ID.

How Do I Complain about Vietjet?

Vietjet allows you to tát register your complaints with the customer service department. You can make your complaint in the following ways as given below.

Through phone:

  • You need to tát dial the customer service toll-free tương tác number at (+84) 19001886.
  • With this, you need to tát listen carefully to tát the on-call commands.
  • Press 1 for the language. 
  • Press 2 to tát make the booking. 
  • Press 3 to tát get the power pass.
  • Press 4 for the flight check-in.
  • Press 5 to tát talk to tát someone at the Điện thoại tư vấn center. 
  • Once your Điện thoại tư vấn connects, you can communicate with the representative for the complaint. 

Through the complaint form:

They provide you the facility to tát send the problems to tát customer service by the sườn. You need to tát open the below links and get the complaint sườn. 


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You must add the essential details in the sườn and describe the queries. When you send your complaints, they will get back to tát you in less possible time. 

Vietjet Whatsapp Number

You have the feature to tát get through with the representative by WhatsApp. You must save the WhatsApp tương tác number at (+84) 19001886 on your device. After this, you need to tát convey the queries by messages and get an immediate response. 

Vietjet Air Liên hệ Email:

Veitjet Airlines are available via tin nhắn to tát communicate with customer service. You need to tát write in detail about the concerns at the preferred tin nhắn tiện ích. At there, you can attach the proof of the issues and add the tương tác information. With this, you can send them to tát the customer service tin nhắn ID at [email protected]. Once the experts kiểm tra the tin nhắn query, they will give you a reply within 24 hours.