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★★ Download Video, Music, Movie, Torrent with blazing fast tốc độ and pause/resume tải về tư vấn ★★

☆ Want đồ sộ tải về video? 1DM will tự it and tự it with Pause and Resume support
☆ Want đồ sộ tải về music? 1DM will tự it as well
☆ Want đồ sộ tải về movie? 1DM has got your back
☆ Want đồ sộ tải về torrent? You bet 1DM will tự that too
☆ Want đồ sộ block ads and trackers when browsing mạng internet for better privacy? You're not gonna believe it, 1DM browser will tự it perfectly

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Now lets learn more about 1DM [formerly IDM]... Shall we?

1DM [formerly IDM]: One Download Manager is one of the best adblock and privacy browser with fastest and most advanced tải về manager (with Torrent & HD Clip downloader) available on game android. It's the best miễn phí adblock & privacy browser and tải về manager (video downloader, music downloader, movie downloader, torrent downloader) for Android

Download manager features
☆ Supports upto 16 parts đồ sộ tốc độ up downloads (video tải về, music tải về, movie tải về, torrent tải về & all other tệp tin download)
☆ You can Pause and Resume downloads with best error handling
☆ Download Torrent files using magnet liên kết, torrent url or a torrent tệp tin on your device
☆ Download streaming Music, Video, Files from your favorite websites using 1DM Browser
☆ Auto tải về Music, Video, Image from social media
☆ Download m3u video
☆ Download m3u8 video
☆ Download MP-DASH video
☆ Auto convert ts videos đồ sộ mp4 Clip after tải về is finished
☆ Smart tải về option đồ sộ tải về files when you copy tải về links
☆ 1DM tải về manager has a very low RAM usage compared đồ sộ other tải về managers
☆ Custom 1DM themes
☆ Download HD videos with one click
☆ Large tệp tin tải về supported
☆ Download Clip, music and pictures from your favorite websites
☆ Download several files at the same time
☆ Download videos over Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G and 4G cellular networks
☆ Support downloading by Clip extension links
☆ Download videos in the background
☆ Download videos in hidden folder
☆ Multi language and Multi theme
☆ 1DM tải về manager uses tệp tin cataloging based on tệp tin type (music, Clip, document, zip, picture, torrent)
☆ Import tải về links from a text tệp tin or clipboard

Excellent Error handling
☆ 1DM tải về manager has the best way đồ sộ Refresh expired links using the 1DM Browser (very useful for Clip download)
☆ 1DM tải về manager comes with a very smart error handler. Your downloads (video, music, torrent) will not corrupt

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1DM [formerly IDM] Browser features
☆ Browse mạng internet miễn phí of ads
☆ Best Popup blocker (inside 1DM Browser)
☆ Blocks third các buổi party trackers and ads
☆ Incognito browsing mode for private browsing
☆ With couple of clicks delete your browsing history, cache, cookies
☆ Multiple tabs, history, bookmarks and other goodies
☆ Play music, videos, movies with the built-in browser

Batch downloader & Website Grabber
☆ Website Grabber đồ sộ tải về all static files (Video, Music) in a webpage
☆ Batch downloader đồ sộ tải về files (Music, Video) with pattern and manage using Video Downloader

Advantage of 1DM+ [formerly IDM+]
☆ Ad free
☆ Scheduler đồ sộ schedule your Clip & other downloads
☆ Supports upto 32 parts đồ sộ accelerate Clip tải về (Video Downloader)
☆ Upto 30 simultaneous downloads (video, music etc)

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How đồ sộ Use miễn phí 1DM [formerly IDM] Video Downloader
☆ Browse trang web with the Clip using the built-in browser
☆ Browser will tự động hóa detect videos, and tap the tải về icon
☆ Choose which Clip you want đồ sộ tải về and tải về the video
☆ Manage tải về with Video Downloader manager

Please note DOWNLOADING MUSIC, VIDEO etc FROM YOUTUBE IS NOT SUPPORTED by 1DM [formerly IDM] Video Downloader due đồ sộ their terms of service

Disclaimer: Downloading and viewing of any tệp tin (Music, Movie, Clip & all other files) protected by copyright is prohibited and regulated by the laws of the country where you live. We assume no responsibility for any misuse of our App